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Welcome to The Grayson Group Inc. Home Page

The Grayson Group works with senior management in mid to large-sized organizations to accelerate profitable, top-line revenue growth. Our expertise is leveraging relationships with C-level executives in premium account environments. Think of us as a strength coach or offensive coordinator for major account sales teams. Our role is to improve win rates and shorten sales cycles in big deal situations.  


If there is a common “pain point” within every organization on your suspect/prospect/client list these days, it is the challenge of getting the same amount or more work done by fewer employees.  Consider this data published in a recent survey by CareerBuilders:

  •  47% of workers surveyed said they were facing more responsibility at the office due to layoffs.
  • 37% of workers had taken on the roles of two people.
  • 30% of respondents said they were dealing with feelings associated with burnout.
  • 22% of workers are spending more weekends at the office. 

 In the course of doing your homework to match solutions to genuine problems experienced by your prospects, it is almost a sure bet that, absent a strong and clear productivity improvement and ROI calculation, your proposal, whether solicited or unsolicited, will not command much attention.  Conversely, by addressing specific productivity issues head-on in your solutions set, you are bound to create interest which will then likely produce an audience with key decision-makers.  Said succinctly, feature a strong “productivity plank” in every one of your product and service proposals.


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